2500 standard songs


The .zip file contains more than 2500 standard songs at the JJazzLab format. They only contain the chord changes of the songs, not the melody. You’ll find standard jazz/latin/pop standards such as the ones found in the Real Books.

Examples of songs:

Agua De Beber, Alice In Wonderland, Autumn Leaves, Beautiful Love, Birdland, Blue Bossa, Cantaloup Island, Desafinado, Eighty One, Fever, Giant Steps, Hit The Road Jack, Impressions, Jordu, Killing Me Softly, Laura, Love For Sale, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Nardis, Nature Boy, On Green Dolphin Street, Peace, Quiet Now, Recorda Me, Sea Journey, Sister Sadie, Speak Low, Take The A Train, Tune Up, Unchain My Heart, Very Early, Watermelon Man, Work Song, Yesterday, You’ve Got A Friend, …

These JJazzLab songs have been imported from the Impro-Visor collection of leadsheets. There are not fine-tuned to use all the JJazzLab features. They are provided “as is” to quickly get you up and running with JJazzLab.

From version 2.1 JJazzLab is able to directly import Band-In-A-Box songs (.sgu/.mgu). This gives access to thousands of files which can be easily found on the web for free.

More free Yamaha styles

JJazzLab can read Yamaha style files (.sty, .prs, .sst, .bcs) and the installation package ships with a set of styles to start with. See here for more info about Yamaha styles.

jjazzlab_users_styles.zip: this is a collection of free Yamaha styles put together by JJazzLab users.

Unzip and copy the files in your User Rhythm Directory, then force a scan (menu Options/Preferences > Rhythms).

You can find thousands of additional style files on the web for every possible rhythm, most of them for free. Note that the quality of the free styles may vary a lot…

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