JJazzLab 4.1

Fed up with boring backing tracks? Try JJazzLab and make your own dynamic backing tracks in just a few minutes!
"Love it, works as expected, bow, thanks to the author", "Absolutely fantastic app!" (YouTube comments)
Latest news - June 13, 2024

JJazzLab 4.1.0 brings many updates for the end-user but also for developers


Dynamic backing tracks

Start a solo slowly and gradually build up the atmosphere !


Rhythmic accents

Use chord anticipations and rhythmic accents to spice up the arrangement.


Benefit from 1000's of free Yamaha style files

JJazzLab can read Yamaha style files. It also introduces new extension files for even more style variations.

A simple and powerful user interface

Type in a few chord symbols, pick up a rhythm, and press start, it’s a matter of seconds. Need more ? Introduce rhythm and intensity variations, custom bass phrases, etc.


An open platform for developers

Leverage the JJazzLab open-source code to add features and new music generation capabilities via plugins.

Why jjazzlab ?

As a jazz/funk pianist I have tried most of the auto-accompaniment or backing tracks apps (Band In a Box, etc). They are good indeed and I had some fun at first, but I quickly got frustrated: I missed the intensity dynamics which help develop interesting solos. I was aware that a program will never match a real band, but I had a few ideas how to do better. That’s why I decided to start developing JJazzLab.